You loved me when I was loving the wrong guy. You made me laugh when my cousin died and I had no sense of humor. And you took a risk and decided to start your game by adding your number in my phone. We would call each other "uncondish" because you made fun of me when I sang that one Katy Perry song. You took me by surprise, and even though they said you were just like him, you proved me wrong every single damn day. You've done nothing but treat me like a princess since the day you entered my life. In fact, I was the first person to speak with you, and for that I thank myself every day since. You kiss me when I speak too much. By all means, we've had a few rough patches but baby I wouldn't trade them for the world. I worry too much and I can never amount up to the person I aim to be, but in your arms I feel invincible. I've never had a love that felt so normal and from a world of complications you make me believe in normality. The time we've spent together will forever mean more to me than with another person. In the past I believed in never settling for anyone, in fact I was truly stunned when you became mine. You lit up a spark inside of me and flamed the thought of forever. I have scars on my body from someone who left me hanging on my birthday, but this year you in fact made it the best one I've ever had. By sharing the day I was born with someone so remarkably special completely showed me the true real gift of loving someone. And I may not have all the answers in fact I rarely have any, but I will continue to love you every minute for the rest of my days. And of there comes a day where our spark has indeed flamed out, my love for you shall still sparkle. And you're probably asleep, but someone once told me there's two types of love; crazy love and forever love. If that's the case you my baby, you are my forever love.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

That post was really beautiful :) Im hoping and praying for you girl!!