I got 3 letters, this time he didn't tell me about what was going on, he just kept telling me how much he loves me, asked about our baby a lot :), and called me his fiance. I couldn't be happier :)
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Does you so graduate September 5th... I still haven't got a letter :(

Yea he graduates Sep 5th, when was the last time he sent you a letter

Last Wednesday the 13th was when I got his last letter...

Thier usually busy this is thier last day or last few days of help week, some don't have time to write letters, but keep you head up

What is help week?? I'm trying it's just disappointing when so many others are getting letters and how many I was getting.

I ment hell week sorry, I know a couple who didn't get letters either, thiers always Thursday again. And there might be a call coming soon the I'm a sailor call

Hope so! Thanks!

Your welcome

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How far along are you?

I'm 4 months :)

Well congrats! I wish the best for you, your baby, and your man :)

Thank you :)