My boyfriend (who is in DIV 944) says his good friends last names are Dean, Shugart, Ovalle, Gonzalez, and karanja. Any of you ladies know any of these men?!
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Shugart! Ask him if they call him "Sugar T". If they do, my boyfriend knows him!

Ah is your bf in that same division?!

& I'll ask him in my next letter that I will write him tomorrow!

Is he in the same DIV?!

Oh nevermind I just saw yours graduated already! When did he graduate?!

Sorry I didn't mean to reply 4 dif times I'm not weird I swear haha

LOL I'm literally dying of laughter! It's totally okay! (x he graduated on August 15th. He was in DIV 940, and majority of the 900 DIV know of each other. Is your boyfriend in the drumline? Or sticks?

HAHAH oh my goodness how embarasing. & I am not sure he didn't really talk about that! I know he plays trombone/baritone (he did marching band in hs) so I am assuming he's playing one of those?! I will definitely ask him about your bf. He says the names of the guys I listed are part of his "goon squad" haha

Don't worry about it! Ooh! He's probably sticks. Those are the guys that do the flags. When does he graduate? And oh! Sugar T isn't my boyfriend lol. My boyfriend is Anthony Lott lol. He was in DIV 940, on the drumline. He was the leader of the drumline actually lol. Haha oh gosh, it sounds like he's having a decent time in Bootcamp!

Oh I'm so sorry haha I will ask if he knew Anthony Lott then! & I wish he would call so I can just ask all these questions rather than wait a week to get a response :( & impressive!!! Did you write to Anthony a lot while in BC? Like how often? I write long letters like 3 times a week but mine insists that I send more!

Lol yeah ask him! (x and also Sugar T! I heard Sugar T was a cool guy too. Aww don't worry, you'll get that call! Don't sweat it okay? I'm sure you're constantly on his mind (: and thank you! I wrote to him and sent them every day except Sunday (because the post offices are closed on Sunday). Literally every single day lol. SRs love mail! So send him letters every day! Even if it's just about your day or something that caught your attention, tell him! They're not really updated with the daily news like we are, so sending him updates of what's going on in the "outside world" helps too lol. Luckily my boyfriend wasn't sheltered like majority of the SRs since he had more privileges. But his mom and I would send him snippets of the newspaper to keep him updated.

Thank you!!! I don't know what I would do without the support of you ladies!!! & wow that is intense! I run outta things to talk about it's always the same like school work and sleep but I add in jokes and drawings and pictures and whatnot! & oh nice we are allowed to include newspaper snippets?! I read somewhere that some places they don't allow it cause the ink or something will smudge and cause problems for them!? I will start including some then though!!!

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