At the moment I feel so left behind and forgotten she's been gone four weeks and I have only received a single letter and one call. Hearing all you other girls say you received 4+ letters makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong I write everyday and mail out two envelopes a week....... Just want to curl up and cry.
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Hey remember she's in an accelerated boot camp program! :) She is training harder then some of the our significants which means she probably doesn't have as much time to write. Don't be jealous if anything were jealous of you :) 6 weeks instead of 8.

Don't over think! They keep them soooo busy and all divisions have different RDC officers. Some are a tad bit more nicer and give them more privileges like time to write or call more than others. Just keep sending her letters! Trust me, that's her only escape and she is thinking about you and missing you just as much ..if not more!! They have it rough so we have to be the ones to brighten up their day. :)

Maybe send the letters out every day instead of twice a week. Letters are like presents and I'm sure she would love to open one from you everyday. Just a thought. You're halfway there! Good luck to both of you in your future together!

Hey, it's gonna be okay. My man has been gone to basic for 2 weeks now, I only got the one call when he first arrived. No letters yet. They're really busy, and most of the time don't really feel up to writing. Just trust that she is really missing you and enjoying your letters and KEEP WRITING. As for calling, that's a privilege that the whole unit has to earn, it's possible that someone in her unit is screwing it up for her. Keep strong! Good luck!