Only 5 more days!! Does anyone know how much time I will get with him after he graduates?
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

Depends. Has he told you yet when he'll be leaving to A school? Some grads are "Grad-n-go" and will only have up to a few hours before leaving right away to A school. Others leave the next day (usually Saturday of PIR is on a Friday) and some get the whole weekend! You should ask him.

Yeah e leaves the next day for A school in Texas. I'm trying to find things to do in Chicago bu idk when he will have free time. Like right after graduation or do I have to wait

As soon as the ceremony ends they announce Liberty Call which means he's free to leave and spend time with family. He does have a curfew at which time he needs to be back to base. I Dont remember exactly what time I read. I believe maybe 9pm? I could be wrong. They tell him when he needs to be back though.