LETTER HELP! Hey girls, so if you write letters daily like I do you'll realize that sometimes you don't know what else to write without repeating yourself over and over! Apart from the I love yous and I miss you and encouraging/supportive stuff I'd like to know if you put anything else in the letters. I was thinking of sending an additional letter that might contain a few jokes, or maybe a poem or drawing. He sent me a long letter and around the borders of the paper he even wrote funny little comments or inside jokes and even little doodles that were too cute and made me laugh. Anyways, have you ladies gotten creative? Any ideas? I'd appreciate it! :)
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MUSIC LYRICS are much need it. lol If he likes music he is missing it!! Write about times you spent and are going to spend together.. Thursday can be "throwback Thursday" send pictures, comics, news...

I always tell him everything about my day, and write him quotes to make him smile. Pictures are great tootoo?


I used to put little doodles or sayings. Sometimes I would write funny stuff in the margins. Find his favorite movie and put movie quotes in your letters. Put some lipstick on and kiss the letter. Once I traced my hand and then he sent me a letter with a drawing of his hand. Kinda silly but it was supposed to symbolize us holding hands.

I send mine pics of me or us together or his family and some of my drawings/doodles!

I wrote my guy a poem tonight. It's cheesy but oh well hahaha :)