Well the day finally came. He left to bootcamp on Monday. I've been good so far, I've only cried 2 times.. Christian music and prayer help me when I'm on the urge of crying. His mom told me he called her and told him that he was okay and he had arrived. That made me feel good! It's just hard to not know what's going on and not being able to hear his voice or just hear from him when I was so used to speaking to him everyday! I hope this year goes by fast!

I'm sticking by his side no matter what.. It's the process of all of this that hurts the most but I know that it's what's going to make us stronger and last! It's funny because often times people come up to me and ask if we're still together, they can never believe we've made it through all we have been through.

I love him so much! I miss him like crazy! Does anyone know when I'll hear from him or get his address or anything? :( seriously ANYTHING helps!
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Depends on how far from Illinois you live! I'm in Iowa and we got the "effects" and address on Wednesday because they send all mail out on Mondays!
Also, it helps to write to him everyday! Just for you. It feels silly at first, but then you start writing more and more it become more natural in a way :) After you get the address send all those letters at once. Remember 1 stamp = about 5 pages. Hint: if you send pictures print them black and white on the letters themselves! They don't get to keep the pictures otherwise. At least that's what my sailor said :)
Good luck message me of you need anything!

I live in South Texas.. Do you think it'll be long? :/ Also, do you suggest I send all the letters I've written to him so far in one envelop? Or should I send them one by one? I'm not too sure what to do because before he left he told me as long as I write he will be okay but I want him to also look forward to seeing all the letters I've written him :) Thanks for the response by the way! It really means a lot that you took the time to comment <3 Best wishes to you and your sailor from me :)

Thanks :) and I think bulky envelopes are fun! So, maybe send 2 letter per envelope? :) good luck to you and your sailor too! Before you know a month will go by!

You'll probably get your first letter in 2 weeks. His parents will probably receive "the box" which contains the clothes he wore when he arrived and his address. Oh and just to let you know, the first 2 weeks are the hardest but it's does get better I promise :) and when you start getting letters from him you'll feel even better! Just keep your head up and keep going girl! Just keep praying and everything will be fine. It's all in God's hands :)

Tell me about it.. the past few days I'm constantly telling myself to stay strong and I'm a really big cry baby about everything! I miss him like crazy but I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this and can also get help from other girlies who have already been through this! Do you think he will change? :/ I've read so many posts on girls and their sailors changing after bootcamp :( that's my biggest fear right now :(

I really don't know. It just depends on the person I guess. My bf graduates next Friday and I'm scared that he's changed too. If they change, it will probably be for the better though :) I hope so anyways lol