Sooo I still haven't figured out what to wear to his graduation!! It's on the 26th and I know I have some time but I don't want to be running around the last week trying to get everything ready last minute. I already know the final days I will be a nervous wreck and with school in the way as well I prefer to make it a smooth process! Any ideas on what to wear? What did you wear to PIR or plan on wearing? ANy advice and ideas on what to bring on my trip would be great! :)
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Wear something comfortable yet appealing and classy. It's a very formal graduation. However, sitting through it was the worst! I had the jitters and I couldn't keep still! I wore a sundress with sandals since my man likes me in dresses. I also brought a light sweater since I thought it would be a tad bit cold, but boy... It gets COLD in the morning. Not sure how the weather will be like in Chicago this week, but when I went, it was clear skies with a slight breeze. Check on so you can plan out your wardrobe for the time being! On your trip, just be sure you have a camera, comfortable shoes to walk in if you guys are planning to "explore", and also a bathing suit! There's access to Lake Michigan in the main Naval Base!

Thank you!! This was really helpful:)

I wore a black dress and hot pink heals! Nothing to fancy but definitely want to look nice!

I think you're supposed to wear a white dress!! :)