Im a New Navy Girlfriend

Im ten days in to being a navy girlfriend. Ive obviously been with my boyfriend for longer than ten days!, but he just left for boot camp ten days ago. i thought i was prepared for this but not so much. not being able to talk to him for 2 months while hes in boot is making me crazy. i miss you so much. i just cant wait until hes out of boot and in a school so i can at least talk to him on the phone!

grr. any advice on how to get through these 2 months of no communication other than letters?!

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Mine left the other day for over sea's by Libya and its the hardest thing every! I didn't get to see him the day he left and it kills me that i missed that day. But the night before we spent hours on the phone. he called me right before he left and every airport he stopped at. i got a call today and i so mad at myself for missing it. he was about to get on his final flight and might not be able to talk to me for a couple months and it killing me. I have so much stress with school and work and he was my way to let stress out and he would sit there with me until i was all better. i sleep with his hoodie every night and its so hard just not having him around at all. we have only been together for a couple months. it is still hard. you have to stay strong and just do what you can to try and keep him off your mind.

that book sounds really good, i might look that up. What did you guys do to handle being without him for the first few weeks..? did you avoid staying at home and stuff? ahhh im so freaked out.

Its horrible. My boyfriend is gone for 3 full months every year. I love him more than anything and its kills me to watch him leave.I find that having girlfriends round can help just vegging out in front of the tv with a few friends cheers me up then when they leave i snuggle up with his sweat shirt and go to sleep. If you wanna chat more feel free to message me.

My boyfriend just left yesterday and I just received his final phone call he got to make, it lasted a quick 26 seconds and that phone call has seriously been the hardest part so far. I waited hours for that 1 phone call and he barely had time to say anything besides that he loves me and can probably call me again in 3 weeks. I am counting down. The part that makes this harder is that he text both me and his mother last night from the hotel he had to stay in before they left to the air port, and he is already dreading everything and seriously wishing he was not there, I don't blame him and I feel the same way, but I wont let him hear me say that. I just keep encouraging him and reminding him to stay strong. It hurts me more that it hurts him so much. Instead of the journal or facebook thing, I have been sending him text messages like crazy, even though its off for the next 2 months but once he can turn it back on...well, his phone is gonna blow up for a few minutes, he is gonna laugh at me for that, but at least its better than crying! It is hard, but things will get better, just be proud and thankful for having someone so strong and loving in your life! Keep your head up!

the book is great and so is that site<br />
im glad i could help<br />
and if you ever wanna talk just let me know

hey, thankss for that comment. ive actually been doing something like that. pretty much every day ive left him a message in facebook haha. but i told him i would do that so when he can he could read about what ive been doing sense he left. but i like the whole writing it and giving it to him thing better than using facebook! And i am going to the bookstore asap to get that book you mentioned! and im going to that other webiste you mention!, thanks a lot. this has helped me a lot.

you know right now my boyfriend is out to sea...its hard, i wont lie...first off i read this book "chicken soup for the military wife's soul" its a great book, tears will follow but it answers stuff that you wouldnt think about asking...there is one story in there that i took advice from. she wrote in a journal everyday sometimes more than once a day, talking about her ups and down how she missed him and the stuff she would tell him if he was there, then when he got back she gave it to him to read so that he knew what she went threw and made him feel like he didnt miss all those days with doing it but im also putting little things like jokes and stuff that reminds me of him but them im gonna give it to him when he goes back out to sea in july so that he had stuff to read from me, he loves it...i put cards in his sea bags to find when he went out and he wont stop telling me how much he loves them and re-reads them every now and then...ive been a navy girlfriend for a year but ive been friends with him since A School...the not talking and hearing his voice is what gets hard...just dont let it get you down, i have my ups and downs i think of him more times then i can count durning the day but having good friends and getting out of the house is the best and looking foward to seeing him when he gets back is the best...if you ever need anyone to talk to im check out<br />
its for wives and girlfriends of guys in the military<br />
its great<br />
good luck