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Hey Everyone,

I have been spending all day searching the internet on information on naval officers, NFOs, intelligence officers, and what its like to be a navy girlfriend.

I have been with my Pete since June - so about 9 months. I am 21 at the current moment and he is 27. Due to today's economy he is having a rough time finding his ideal job, one that would be in U.S. government intelligence work. Last Friday, he was offered a position as a Navy Flight Officer and at first he was thinking of denying it because he is unsure of the military lifestyle but we talked yesterday and he's now considering it more heavily. We had to talk seriously about what it meant for us as a couple if he chose this path, but I told him honestly there was no choice involved, I love him and have to follow him in his decisions, and its a damned good one seeing the economic climate as of late. He's worried feelings will change on my end when he is away, he knows it'll be tough on me as a girlfriend and we aren't the type to rush into marriage on the threat of distance. Plus, we are already preparing to go 9month to a year apart as I am in consideration for a US Fulbright grant to Sri Lanka all expense paid for that time. It seems like no matter what, we are destined to be apart for some extended amount of time.

I have read alot of this site, and all over the web how hard of a lifestyle this is going to be, especially if we are both gone in respective places, it was be impossible to talk for months on end. I don't know what to do except deal as time goes on. I have a question though,

When is he commissioned as an officer, is there anyway for us to live together, be together, etc.? I figure it will take over a years from the sounds inbetween training and this and that but really am new to this game. I know navy girlfriends don't get the same benefits of navy wifes, but what benefits do we get when it comes to my officer?


He hasn't officially gotten back to his recuiter and accepted it yet, he is waiting for more information and to see what will come of his intelligence application, but I feel at this point one way or another I will be a naval officer's girlfriend in the near future. He'll look SO good in uniform, but man I can't face the nights thinking of it as is.

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The problem with that comment is that we are not going to rush into marriage, as I said in the original post. While we love each other, we both have our own things to do and places to be since we are both very driven and rushing into marriage is something we've talked about and both don't want to do based on these circumstances. It's something we want to we when our relationship evolves to it. <br />
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I'll be in Sri Lanka doing government research while he is in the navy, it isn't just something I need to do but its what I got my degree in and what I am good at, I love him but neither of us are the type to wait at home for the other while they are out experiencing life, we are mutually travelers, explorers and dreamers. Hence why we work so well together. I just want to see my baby when I have the capability.

Your best bet would be to get married after he has done his training and you have done what you are needing to do or it could be a very long time before you both could be together.x