Boot Camp Is Half Way Overrrrr

Boot camp is half way over and i cant wait for his graduation! I just cant wait to see him! He got his phone call yesterday and it was the best phone call i have ever gotten :) I was in a store and i got a call from a random number from a different area code, i was like whoo is this?!, so i answered, hello?? he replied, Baby?! and i just burst into tears!!! ugh it was great, it was just what i needed and he got to talk to me for 47 minutes! it was great. its made me realize that these past 4 weeks have gone by fast and if ive made it this far, i can handle the rest of the time.

so for any girls who are going through their man at boot camp right now, just be patient for their phone call around 3 or 4 weeks in. its great and just makes things easier during this hard time.

HeatherMLS HeatherMLS
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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

wasn't it amazing once you go that call!?!?! When i got jarids first phone call i almost lost it! lol we weren't a couple yet just talking but once i got that call my heart dropped! I hadn't noticed how much i really missed him till that call. His voice was like my favorite song. It made my wait so much brighter. i honestly thought i wasn't going to hear from him till after boot and he was home ready to party but i got my phone call! i loved it i must of replayed it over in my head like 400 times lol. then once he left boot and was off to A school i got text almost everyday. which i was not use to even when he was home we went days with out talking then spent days juast the 2 of us lol. but after boot that all changed! the first time i saw him after boot i never wanted to let him go lol. Everyone laughed when i showed up once he was home and we saw each other at first it was shock he looked different with the hair the weight lose his stand everything even how he wore his clothes lol I stayed in my spot with my mouth open till he came up to me and hugged me telling to stop drooling, or was that his friend? lol i dk but it was amazing getting to see him. <BR>Like a friend told us "wait till you get in the room to get out of hand" it might sound crazy but after being away from each other for so long and missing each other a kiss can get carried away very quickly lol <BR><BR>best of luck if you ever need i'm here for ya!