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 I am fairly new to the military experience. My boyfriend left in April, and I will be going to Illinois next Friday for the graduation. Boot camp has been an experience to say the least. Towards the end he stopped  receiving any of my mail.  However, yesterday he got " Recruit Heaven"  and I got to talk to him for 10 minutes. I am very nervous to see him and don't really know what to expect next in this process. All of my friends think I am stupid for loving some one that is never going to be home. I guess they just  don't understand.  His rate is an HM ( corpsman). If anybody has any advice or insight into this process I greatly appreciate it. 

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My family and friends also do not understand why i love him and why i i want to be w/ someone who will not be around,and my bf will be around Way less often than others. When he is deployed he will be gone from 3-18 months w/ no contact w/ me whatsoever :( It will be a trying time, but i will get thru is.. as willl you when the time comes. I actually moved across the country to be w/ buddy (the bf) and even now i still only get to see him every weekend or every other weekend :) You will make it..thru the tough, rough, and hard times!

I guess it was meant to happen that you guys met. I have realized since my boyfriend has been gone it takes a very strong women who loves her man to be able to handle the whole military life (an vs versa of coarse). I know it definitely isn't the same as having your boyfriend there but just know you have a lot of support surrounding you. You will be a great mom!<br />
So, as far as this whole cheating thing. I have been cheated on by a fiance so i guess thats why I even thought of it. I know my boyfriend would never cheat. He ended up getting "recruit heaven" lol and called me yesterday. I sent him pictures and all the other guys he said couldn't get over how pretty I was. lol he is always making me smile. <br />
I think I am ready to marry him if he asked me of coarse. =) I am in my last semester of college and after december I would be able to move across the world ( if he went) for him.<br />
Where is your boyfriend deployed and how long has he been in? lol sorry for all the questions=)

My boyfriend and I met here at his duty station. Im from a Navy town so it was bound to happen lol. We live together now but we just got our apartment 3days before he left for deployment. <br />
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We are doing great but we just fount out that I am pregnant and Im going to be going through the pregnancy alone, I will be having the baby about the same time he gets back home. I hope that he arrives in time to be here with me.<br />
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Having two people in the military is hard and even more when it is two different branches. A lot of military guys do cheat but so do the girlfriends, it just all depends on your relationship and how you really feel about each other. I know my boyfriend wouldn't ever cheat on me and I wouldnt ever cheat on him. Even when he didn't have a girlfriend he didn't sleep with anyone while he was gone on deployment so I know he wouldn't do it now. It is all about the trust you have for each other and how strong your relationship is. If you where married they would station you guys together no matter what branch your in or at least as close as they can get you together.

Thank you very much! Words cant even express how good it feels to have another person to speak to. I forgot to mention that I am also joining the services I am applying for an officers position for the Air force. Maybe that makes it easier or perhaps harder because it is a different branch. I am trying to support him as much as possible because he will probably do the same for me. I just know odds are against us and everyone around me keeps telling me that. I guess I am scared of change right now. Like you said everyone has different reactions. i want him to grow as a person but have the biggest fear of him falling out of love with me. Other military guy friends of mine also just talk about how they cheat and stuff and thats also another fear of mine. I trust and love him with all my heart. I am considering moving there and perhaps putting my military career on hold. How are you and your boyfriend working things out? Did you go there or to where he is stationed? Again I really appreciate your advice =)

It is a hard process to go through. I too am a saliors girlfriend but I also served in the Navy. He wont be gone all the time, and when he is he will still have time to call (Although it is expensive) write letters and e-mail. When they are on a ship sometimes they cut of all communications and it can be days before you hear from him. Depending on how your relationship is and how long you have been together I would suggest going and living with him where ever he gets stationed. After bootcamp he will be attending A-school and Im not sure how long that is for HM's but he if he has a cell phone he can call you whenever. Everyone has different reactions when they get out of bootcamp, he may act just a little different but its just because he is use to the military way of doing things, after A-school he should be normal again. I am more then happy to speak with you if you want to know anything else =0)