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So I'm not really new to the whole military thing. My best friend since 6th grade was in the Marines for 5 years and he was deployed twice. But I am new in the sense that I've never had a boyfriend in the military before! My boy, Josh, just left for intensive training in Fort Jackson S.C. about 10 days ago (not that I'm counting or anything :-P)He's going to be there for about three more weeks and then its off to Kuwait, then to Iraq. Sooooo yeah. Thats the basics.

Josh and I met in middle school. His little sister and I were really good friends, and he's two years older than it was always that "Sarah's older brother" kind of thing. Both of them went to a different high school then me so I lost touch with the whole family. About a year ago Josh randomly found me on facebook through "people you may know" and we emailed back and forth to try to catch up but that didn't last very long. My room mate actually went to the same high school as Josh and had a bunch of mutual friends with him. In December I went to a small concert with her downtown and she saw a bunch of these mutual friends there so she wanted to go over and say hello. Well little did I know, Josh was visiting home and he was with them. It was the first time we'd seen eachother since Middle school!! And holy crap....did he grow up! We exchanged numbers but didn't end up seeing each other any more while he was home.

About three months ago I was randomly going through my phone and realized I hadn't talked to him in a while so I decided to text him. We texted a while and then he started calling me at night. We talked every night for a month straight for 5-6 hours a night! Needless to say we got to know eachother pretty well. He was still based in CA so we had to wait a little while for him to come home on leave....but he eventually made it home for a few weeks and we hung out non-stop. Because we'd talked so much on the phone before, when he got home we felt like we'd known eachother our whole lives. The rest is history!! I still think its funny that he's been in my life for so long but my eyes had never been open before. Thanks for taking the time to read my story :-) I'm hoping this group will be a helpful outlet for me while Josh is gone and I'm more than willing to offer my support for others!!

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You guys story is soooo cute! Its crazy cause its kinda like mine. My boyfriend and I met through my best friend’s friend. We met when I was in 10th grade… im now a sophomore in college. We were friends.. but it was never on that level. I randomly called him one night and we talked for like 6 hrs. We talked every night after that for hours at a time…and like you said.. the rest is history :) Now he’s gone for basic.. And it was weird because he was right in front of my face for all that time – and It took me over 3 yrs to take the time to see. Glad I finally did—and Im sure you are glad you took the time too. Im still getting use to the whole “him being away thing” .. but this website is actually helping me cope. Keep your head up && know that he loves you… that’s what gets me through the lonely nights :)