I have been so stressed!!! This has been the hardest two weeks ever! First I had finals, and ever since I came home from college all I've done is work everyday! Where is Christmas? I can't find it this year...Christmas is my favorite holiday! And you know what happened today? I cried. And I screamed at my whole family, because I am so stressed, and exhausted, and lonely. I still haven't received any letters yet this week, and they usually come on Wednesday. Where's my letter? Where's my phone call? I am so lonely...I miss Joe so much! I just...couldn't take it anymore...I finally broke, and screamed at everyone. Hopefully tomorrow will make me feel better. Maybe he'll be able to call? Merry Christmas...

Minnesotagirl21 Minnesotagirl21
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2 Responses Dec 24, 2009

I know the feeling. I got in a huuuge fight with my family earlier this week over something completely petty. I'm tired, stressed, and miserabely alone. It's been hard...<br />
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I hope you get a call today, it sounds like you can use it. Keep your head up.

Just take a deep breath and relax. With all the cards in the mail, it is probably just taking longer than usual. As with the phone call, everyone is probably lined up to make calls. Think of how blessed you are to have a family, a job and a guy.<br />
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Remember; deep breath and relax.