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So today I FINALLY got my 3rd letter, which, it turns out, is actually my 5th letter. The other two are sitting in my mailbox back at school. >.< Joe got the dates mixed up and sent a few there... I really want to go get them but I don't know if I have time (it's like an hour drive). What would you all do? I don't know...usually Joe's letters make me feel elated but today I just feel kinda relieved while missing him more. Does that make sense? I don't know...this is weird.

Minnesotagirl21 Minnesotagirl21
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3 Responses Dec 26, 2009

LUCKY. (about the school thing) I guess it just comes down to wanting to know what he said in those letters.

Yeah, well, I don't actually go back to school until February, after Joe graduates.

If it were me, and I lived that close to school, I'd hop in the car and go get my letters. Although, it might be nice to know that you've got a couple waiting for you. (But if I were only an hour away, instead of eight, I'd go get mine, posthaste.) :]