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 Everyone's story has been so cute! I will share mine; here it goes.  John and I met on the first day of college, September 18 2008.  I had no idea it was him of course.   I had just arrived and decided to get breakfast with my roommate to meet and bond.  I saw this guy from afar and he was wearing the most obnoxious pj pants.  I was like "wow that guy is fearless to be that bold on the first day of school" but I didn't think anything of it.   Later that day I was in my room with a bunch of girls on my floor, which of course john went to high school with.  He came over with a group of guys and we started talking.  John being the ring leader was like "lets all go out tonight".  Everyone agreed.  My roommate was like "oh he is cute"; I again didn't think anything of it.  That night we all went out.  He had picked me out of the crowd and was talking to me all night.  We just hit it off right away.  We have been attached at the hip ever since.  I came to find out later it was him wearing those obnoxious pants and I just knew that it was meant to be. Although we have been through a lot, we decided to stay together.  He is my rock and I can't imagine my life without him.  I am proud to be a navy girlfriend and I am so glad to be part of something that is truly honorable.  You ladies are amazing and you put your hearts on the line for the men that put their lives on the line to protect our country.  I admire everyone of you and I wish you all luck in your journey.  

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