Navy Girlfriends Prayer

As I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. To help me clear my cluttered mind. To help me through these desperate times. To bring my love to me all night. In Dreams where everything feels so right. That even if he can't be here, Make it feel as though he's near As I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my pain to keep. To keep my worries, troubles, and tears, and keep me strong for future years. To help me stand up tall and proud,and crying may you not allow. No tears to weep, nor cry, nor shed. No moments of weakness to plauge my head. As I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my love to keep. To protect my SAILOR through thick and thin. To safely guide him home again. To keep me on his mind all day, to love me truly this I pray. Let no worries cross his mind. Let no fears his heart entwine. As I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my heart to keep. To shelter it from piercing pain, when I accidentally call out his name. When I forget that he's still gone, help me Lord to stay real strong. To gently push away my tears, when I wake up and he's not here.

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19 Responses Jan 23, 2010

Thank you is all i can say.
This is his & my first deployment. Missing him like crazy, it really made me feel better.
Thank you.

Im new to this, my sailor just left on deployment, this prayer was comforting and touching, Thank you. I bookmarked this as my experience project page, so when I click it, I come here first.

My sailor is in japan for the next three years and its been a tough night tonight, but reaading this just made my night.

My sailor is in Japan for the next three years too! Tonight is super hard cuz its easter and his birthday! I hate that I'm not there for him and I miss him so much that it hurts. Good luck, we can all get through this!!! My man is stationed in Atsugi, wut about yours?

My sailor is 873 miles away. He just left today for bootcamp and so far it has been the worst day of my life. We hae been together going on 2 years and he has been my best friend for almost 4 years. Since we started dating we spent no more then a day apart from each other and have lived together the last year and a half. The hardest thing hitting me is not talking to him and going to bed every night without telling him goodnight. But this poem is so true and I will continue to pray it every single night. It is going to help a lot thank you so much! I love it.

My sailor is 1700 miles away, and saying goodbye to him, watching him walk away, and falling asleep without him is some of the hardest things I deal with all the time. But this, speaks so much truth and will help me fall asleep without him. I love it!

My sailor is about 800 miles away from me right now and I wont see him until at least October of next year. I love him with all of my heart and hope that I can handle this. This prayer reminds me that I am not alone even though my Sailor is not here. There are other woman just like me who have a Sailor gone at the moment. Thank you for writing this. I adore it.

I love this I'm going to borrow this and keep it near. I said I was ready for this life and I am but I didn't think it would hurt this much :/ I love my sailor and have promised to be here upon his return I just need something to keep me strong until then! <3

I love this so much! Definitely saying this every night! :)

I will be keeping this close and i keep my sailor in my thoughts and prayers every day! I an going to send this in the next letter to my sailor<3 I will always wait for my sailor to return no matter how long the wait! I love you baby!

I just wrote this in a letter to send to my Sailor<3.

This is beautiful. I'm not at all religious and have never prayed a day in my life, but just reading this made me cry, but it also reminded me of the promise I made to my boyfriend when he left for basic to stay strong no matter what.

This made me cry. It's amazing and a great prayer.

I cried...just saying this is soo true for every navy girlfriend

Precious. Made me tear up a little bit.

this is awesome! thank you for sharing!

this is beautiful! n i agree with jessjohnsaan, this is something all navy girlfriends should keep close to their heart. i know ill be keeping my bf in my thoughts as well as in my prayers!

I love this. it is something that all navy girlfriends should read and keep close to their heart.

haha lol i dont know everywhere or on other prifiles! go right ahead and copy them if you want i dont care lol i have them all over my facebook!

aw, where do you find all this adorable, and heart clenching stories? I just want to take all of them and post them all over my myspace.