What To Say?

 Its been 3 weeks since my boyfriend left for boot camp and i still haven't received a letter.  I send him one every day though.  I'm running out of things to say...and i feel like i say the same thing in every letter.  My mom said it won't matter to him what i say as long i write every day and show that i'm here supporting him.  Its hard to write to someone who you haven't gotten a response from yet.  I feel like a lot of them have been really sappy...i need more fun things to talk about...but its hard with the situation.  Any ideas? =]

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You could find some sentimental cards. Those help with the wording and could help to spark your brain when you add your own comments inside too!

I tell him that every single day...sometimes multiple times each letter. Thank you so much for answering!

I wrote to my boyfriend every day too. And, yeah, sometimes I repeated myself (it actually happened quite a bit...) But he would always write back about the things that I repeated - which turn out to be the things that are most on my mind. <br />
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He loves recieving pictures (bear in mind that anything you send may have to be shared with EVERYONE in his division) <br />
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But, all in all, he enjoys hearing about how my day went. The things I do, even the trivial stuff. (I tell him about how I spend a coupld of hours cleaning my apartment each weekend. He knows that I hate to clean, so he finds in amusing.) And about how school is.<br />
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And, most importantly, I tell him that I love him and miss him every single day.

lol i hope i get a letter this week. It feels like its been forever since i heard from him.

you might have to wait to send a picture; ask him when u can. i noe i def repeated myself when my bf was in bc but i was so happy to hear from him i didnt care lol

Thank you so much for all your replies! I didn't know i was allowed to send pictures but i will definitely do that. I sort of feel like i'm writing to myself lol. But i'm sure he's getting the letters by now if he left the 5th.

it does take a while to get your first letter like the others said, and he is very busy! it also depends on his division, if one person is getting in trouble, they all are. as far as your letters, dont worry about being exactly who you are. just write anything you would normally say to him, even if your a bit sad becasue he will feel more at home that your not hiding things and trust me, hes sad and missing you like crazy! so write as if its like a journal, tell him everything you did that day, mention things you guys have done in the past and tell him how its not much longer but you will be able to see him soon and do those things again. boot is the hardest part, after his first test he may get rewarded with a phone call that will be a couple more weeks after you get your first letter, and your voice will really help him. lol its hard to think that our guys are missing us as much as we are them becasue they are doing their "job" that thing they wanted so bad! and we are stuck here waiting, but in reality, they miss us soooooo much. so send him a bunch of pictures and letters and everything you can think of it will make him feel more at home. dont worry, this time will pass. we are all going through it so feel free to message any of us we are all really supportive on here. ;)

its true he is really busy. in the last week you might not get anything cause theyre finishing up. tell him what you did with your day. whats going on in the world (they have no clue lol). they love hearing from you. about being sad i might hold off on telling him that only cause i didnt want my boyfriend to feel bad or think about that when he was supposed to be running or something. send him a picture of you; he'll cherish it.

Dont feel discouraged! Your boyfriend is so, so, so busy... he is working so hard and it takes a few weeks for the first letter to get sent. Once the first letter gets to you, you'll find a routine and you will know exacttly which days to check the mailbox. The time will fly by, and things will seem a lot easier once the mail is flowing routinely. Just remember that your boyfriend is working as hard as he can to get home to you, and that he will write every chance he gets. He is always thinking about you and cherishes your mail more than you could ever know. Dont worry about writing the same thing in each letter, i'm sure he just loves to hear from you. I used to send my boyfriend news articles since they have no contact with the outside world and he loves the news, and i always updated him on his favorite TV shows that he was missing out on, like the biggest loser. I also sent him pictures of our puppy and i together so he could have something to look at, and occassionaly i sprayed a letter with my perfume so that he could remember my smell. Just try to be positive, know that he is just happy to hear from you and that he will write you as soon as he can :]