Left Today For Training


My boyfriend left today for his  9 week training.I know to some of you it won't be a long time but to me it feels like forever.At the moment I don't know how i'm feeling,i'm scared,lonely,upset,worried for him and me.I'm scared cause he's meeting all these new people,what if he meets a new woman and forets about me?He's told me before he left that he'll never forget about me and won't ever cheat on me but it's always on my mind.He's text me already and he seems to be having a ok time,which I know I should be pleased about but I want him to want to come home to me.I must sound so selfish to everyone. I don't mean to and I don't want to be.

Also while hes in his 9 weeks training can I write him letters?If I can write him letters do they get read by anyone before they receive it,so do you have to be careful what you write?

Sorry this is so long,my friends jusy don't seem to understand

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Sorry I'm new to all this so I'm not actually sure what it's all called.All I really know is he is away over raleigh now for 9 weeks and then after that he has to go away for another 6 months to portsmouth(we come from the uk) which i'm sure he is said is like more training.Sorry.

You can most definitely write while he's at A school. He will have a new address so you might want to wait until he gets it and tell you what it is before he sends it. As far as anyone else reading it besides your guy, from what my boyfriend tells me the only time they'll actually open a letter if they think there is something suspicious in it. Packages are a completely different story. Those get opened and searched to make sure nothing dangerous is inside. For example, my bf's mom is sending him his kilt that he wears occasionally; when the package comes in, he'll have to explain what it is, etc before they let him have it.<br />
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callmemargie: when my guy graduated he had fourteen days of leave in between basic and A School. But that was a trial thing that I'm not sure any other divisions get to participate in or what. His brother joined the same time he did and only had five days before he had to report to A school. But it is wonderful to be able to talk on the phone and email each other every day... unlike boot where you're not sure when you're going to get a letter.

blueblanket: yes theres training after boot. the wonderful thing called A-School! its different for everyone in when they go, for how long AND where!!!!!!! but they can call us every night unlike in bootcamp, and if you move with your man at all he can leave base every night as well.

theres training after bootcamp?