Bad News Today . . .

well i got a callf rom tyler's mom today....he sprained his ankel and now is being pused back a few weeks until it can heal....only me of course this would only happen to me and him after we have gone thru so much......11 days! he was supose to graduate in 11 days! and while working out his stepped of a ledge or bench or something and boom messed up his ankel, and on top of that they found a pre-existing injury to the ankle so how long will it even take to heal??? maybe thats why this happened, becasue of the old injury he didnt know sorry im ranting im just haveing a breakdown i was so close to getting to see him again and now i have about another month to wait or more!!! this really really sux and i just needed to let it out hardcore. i miss him so much this is killing me! and i wish it was me that he would have called instead of him mother and i know thats mean, it makes me sound like her(his mother - dont ask) , i just miss him so much! im the one going crazy, the one who was always supporting him and no matter what going to his graduation, and i didnt get a call and probably going crazy!!!!!! im sorry i just had to get this all out and i dont know how much of this maddness and saddness i want to release to tyler in my next letter.....

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thank you guys so much you have no idea how much this helps me cope.

Awhh. I'm so sorry this happened! His sister-in-law is right, everything happens for a reason. Don't worry, everything will work out. <br />
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I have a friend who just came home after being medically released from bootcamp. They've given him 6 months to recover from a major surgery he had to undergo while in bootcamp, turns out he was really sick when he went in, and no one knew it. The doctors said that if they hadn't caught it, he could be in serious trouble. That just proves to me that everything happens for a reason.<br />
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He's going to be fine. He needs your support now more than ever!!! And Minnesotagirl21 is right -- walk through the dark to make it to the light <br />
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Yeah, that's probably what I would have done lol. Well, actually that's what I did do on New Years after I found out that I couldn't go to graduation, just let it all out. And yeah, I believe everything does happen for a reason. Maybe something good will come out of this situation?

ya it still sux sooo bad tho. i was so close to seeing him. and i just wrote him and let it all out becasue thats what i would do if he was here and the best thing to do is be myself, his sister in law told me that this happened for a reason we just dont know why yet and i believe that, it was ment to happen. plus they found an old injury he didnt know about in the ankle he hurt maybe that was the reason, to know he had a bad ankle like that. whatever happens we can get thru it, i just am going crazy and its great to know that others care.

Aw, that really does suck. A lot. I can imagine how upsetting that would be. I know how you feel about being unsure of how much sadness to release in your letters to your sailor, I worried about that a lot. But I think it's okay to let some out, he's your boyfriend and you're upset, you should be able to tell him about it. (I asked Joe if my ranting about being upset was off putting at all and he was just like "Ali, I was happy to read whatever you wrote"). Plus it reminds him you miss him and can't wait to see him. I am really sorry he hurt his ankle...honestly that like a boot camp worse nightmare, to be stuck there for longer. But it'll all pass eventually and all will be well! You just have to walk through the dark to make it to the light!