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I got back from Chicago about four hours ago. Brandon's graduation was amazing! I loved every minute that I got to spend with him. We got to talk about a lot of things that I really felt like we needed to cover, and I got to spend hours just lying around doing nothing with him. (We used to just lay in bed and watch movies until we passed out... we did that this weekend too :] ) Everything with him was amazing.

 Saying goodbye was so hard. And right now, I feel about as low as I did when he first left. He's my other half- I honestly feel safer with him than anywhere else. And... it's just hard. I miss him so much already.

I really need some support. I don't know what kind. But I'm hurting really bad.

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wow! i am so sorry that he is stuck inbetween schooling. what a bummer that he doesnt get his phone yet. I hope they clear him to get it back asap!!

He's up in Great Lakes for Corpsman and Dental training. Apparently his particular school only runs a few times a year, so they're apparently trying to sort out if the guys are gonna be on "hold" - or if they're gonna start schools. <br />
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And, they were told that they couldn't have their electronics until they a) got moved across the base to their new barracks [which they did on Tuesday] b) started school [which they haven't recieved any new information on] and c) got clearance to have their electronics back.<br />
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The good news is, Brandon did get to call- last night and this morning. He's doing good :]<br />
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And he said that they've just got to wait for a little while until they can get everything straightened out. But, he's allowed to make calls generally at his own discretion, although he doesn't have his stuff back. <br />
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*sigh*<br />
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Thanks for the support! I really appreciate you all!

what A school is he in? That seems very strange to me that he cant have his phone yet. Have you been able to talk to him since he arrived at school? I was under the impression (according to my boyfriend) that pretty much everyone has their phone and computer with them. stay strong girl.

Ugh. Brandon wasn't allowed to have it right afterwards. :[<br />
<br />
I'm just really frustrated, and feeling really down.

I know that it is frustrating to not know what is happening, just take a deep breath and know that it is all going to work out. When my boyfriend's parents and I went to his graduation we brought him his cell phone, and he was able to use it the moment after graduating and he has had it the whole time at A school, he also brought his lap top and all sorts of stuff from home.

How long does it take for him to get his phone back??<br />
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He gets his orders today about where they're moving him to on base. But they said that he might not get to start his school right away. <br />
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It's just confusing. We're going back to not knowing anything, just like when he first started.

I agree with proudnavygf6, staying strong is the best solution. A school is better than bootcamp; you get to hear his voice every day, you can get on webcam and see him, plus you get to visit him after he phased up (when he is allowed to stay overnight off base) so look forward to seeing him again. Hang in there!

hey, i am glad to hear that you had such an amazing time at graduation. My boyfriend's graduation is truly something i bet we'll remember forever! I know saying goodbye is hard to do again, especially after being spoiled with alone time. Just stay strong, think positive and look forward to the next time you'll get to see each other. Now that he is out of boot camp you will be able to hear his voice on the phone rather than relying on snail mail. So, stay stong... you made it this far, so just stay positive and think about your next reunion.