My Injured Sailor

well last time i posted was to tell you all that tyler got hurt and was unfortuanltly set back from graduation 12 days before he was to graduate.


well today i got a call from him!!!! im glad to say hes off his crutches and hes healing up really fast!!!! he thinks he will be in  a new division within a couple weeks ! i was so happy to get a phone call. i was a little sad when it was his mom calling to give me the news about his ankle, but it wasnt his fault, he wasnt allowed to call anyone he wanted. he was only allowed to call his parents and recruiter! well he got to talking with his cheif guy and begged him to let him call me cuz i was the only one who had even bought plane tickets! his cheif guy sounds like hes a really cool guy from how tyler talked abou thim, anyways, he was allowed to call me for 5 minutes, but it turned into 20 and i was sooooooo happy!!!!!!! im so glad hes getting betetr fast!!!!! not much longer and ill know when i can go see him! lol im exited like when i found out his first graduation date! i cant wait ti see my amazing boyfrined!!!! just thought id share the update cuz its all thats on my mind at the moment lol

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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

awwwwwwwwww congrats!!! i wish that was meeee ahahahah!

thanks so much! im so happy for him! hes a fighter lol! i cant wait and thanks for the advise!

Aw yay! Congrats! And yeah, 20 is warm for Chicago in February. :)

Congrats!!! When you get up there to see him- take plenty of warm clothes. This past weekend was in the 20s -- and thats apparently abnormal for this time of year.