Hurry Up & Wait

That title is exactly how I feel about how the US military gives information. My boyfriend, Ray, just found out the date he leaves for boot camp has been changed but we don't know what it's changed to. We won't know for another week or so. Also, he could be leaving earlier or later, I'm PRAYING for later.. I want all the time I can get with him before he leaves. He can't go until his braces are off (yes, my 20 year old boyfriend still has braces haha) so I'm contemplating going to have a talk with his Orthodontist about keeping them on longer. :) Anyway, I've just been really frustrated with the lack of information we're getting & I'm SO ready to know exactly where he'll be & when he'll be there & all that stuff. 

Oh I almost forgot the GOOD NEWS! :) He passed his nuclear test so he'll most likely be in Charleston for 2 years instead of Pensacola. I'm super excited because I'll be at school in Wilmington which is only 3 & a half hrs away opposed to the 14+ hrs it would've been to FL. So YAY! :)

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

The hurry up and wait thing really doesn't change.<br />
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I was at Brandon's graduation this weekend, and all they could tell him was that he would get his Orders on Monday (thats today) about moving on Tuesday (thats tomorrow). And, to keep in mind that he may or may not have the option of a two week leave. They gave him an END date for his A school, but no start. <br />
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It'll likely be another week or so before I hear anything.<br />
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I never changes.

The hurry up and wait thing is something that doesn't ever change... my boyfriend left on Oct. 6th, expecting to be in Great Lakes the same day and they made him wait until Oct. 8th to go. I think the whole thing is just a mind game they play.

Yay, thats good news about Charleston. The hurry up and wait thing, also, so VERY VERY true lol.