He's An Official Sailor =]

I haven't written in a while because Gary graduates this Friday & I'm too excited to do anything, lol. But. I got a call Thursday saying he was finished with battlestations & he's a sailor!! I am SO happy. He and I had a few miscommunications through a letter I sent to him when I was upset..so we cleared that up. The same day before his call I had gotten a few letters from him that weren't too happy about the whole misunderstanding, but everything is a-okay now. He was EXHAUSTED, understandably but his whole division passed as far as I know & he said it was the easiest thing he's ever had to do. (Go Baby!)

He said the Gas Chamber wasn't too bad either. He had to do that on the 3rd, I believe. His luck, they stuck him right next to the hot plate in the room. The one thing they told him not to do was rub their eyes afterwards and what does my boy do? Exactlyyyy. He rubbed his eyes, lol. He said it clears all your sinuses out because you just keep tearing & tearing, so now he doesn't feel as sick, which is good. I just wish they could've cured him some other way hahha. He was also supposed to get to watch the superbowl. His division was supposed to graduate Feb 5th, but they got held back a week from the beginning because of snow storm delays in everyone's arrival times, so their battlestations were early & now all they are doing is PT, I would guess.

I sent my last letter to him on Friday, but I'm still writing letter to him. I feel kinda empty when I don't because I've been used to writing him everyday. I'll just give them the letters to him grad weekend, then still send him letters in A-school lol. It'd still be nice to get a hand-written letters instead of an email once in a whileeee.

The only bad news I have! is that there is that HUGE snow storm sweeping across the country as I write this. I have no idea if it's going to delay/cancel our flight because it's too early to know. Great Lakes specifically they said is going to get at least a foot of snow tomorrow, but I'd hope they ould clean everything up by Thursday/Friday. I know we are gonna get some snow here in New York, but I really hope it doesn't mess with our plans. Flight, or no flight, I am getting there, whether I have to take a later flight, take a train, or hell drive there. I wouldn't miss this for the worldddd.

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Gary is going to A school in Great Lakes, right across the street. Where is your boyfriend going?

Congrats!!!<br />
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Don't worry about the snow- if your flying into O'Hare, everything takes off and lands. It's just a pain. <br />
It snowed its tail off back at school in the NC mountains while I was gone - started coming down -hard -as we were taking off. <br />
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Just pray to the weather gods. <br />
<br />
Brandon said the gas chamber was just gross. Your right, they do keep tearing up, and they end up having to spit it all in their hands. it's just nasty. <br />
<br />
Where is your boyfriend going to A school?