Military Makes Me Frustrated Sometimes

So my bf went down to MEPS yesterday, and he was supposed to sign the contract and all that good stuff... but came down to it, he waited there all day and they didnt do anything because they decided to change the system last minute, so he has to sleep there again to do it tomorrow. Hes not happy about it... I miss him already and he is only 40 minutes away. It will be hard once he goes off to bootcamp. We havent been apart for more than a few hours since we got together. I just need support from the girls who have already gone through this.

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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Aw yeah it's so hard to see your man go off to boot. Just today I had to hold one of my good friends at school while she cried as her boyfriend left for air force boot. And of course, I did it myself when my sailor went to boot back in November. It hurts so bad sometimes, but it wont last forever. You'll start getting letters in a few weeks and things will brighten up, you might even get a few phone calls! Boot camp sucks (for you and him) but it goes by so much faster than you think it will (it feels like forever while he's there but then suddenly its done and you cant believe its over). You will make it through, no matter how hard it is. I promise :) We're all here if you have any questions or need a little more support!