Cheer Up!!!


This MADE MY DAY. And let me tell you, Ive had a pretty miserable day


I hope this will be a bright spot for you girls!

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

... if you pee in the pool, you have to do PT. <br />
<br />
... mail call is like the ice cream truck just arrived at the park on a very hot day.<br />
<br />
Those two were really funny :]<br />
<br />
When I saw Brandon, I asked who got the best mail. His responses were:<br />
<br />
"My rackmate got a ton. He didn't really react to any of it until he got a picture from his girlfried. The picture was of his truck. He cried." <br />
<br />
"We couldn't wait for mail. All these anonymous white envelopes. And then, one day, they pulled all of these colored envelopes out - looked at them, set them aside. It was kind of conspicuous. And then they called my name... All I could think was "Kaley's got my address..." " ♥