I Fell In Love With My Best Friend.

I've been friends with my Sailor for 6 years, and last time he was home on leave we both just realized we had feelings for each other. we spent the 2 weeks he was home together everyday. but decided we didn't want to make anything official until we knew what the distance would do to our relationship. When he went back to San Diego it was just like he was down the street like he was for 6 years. the distance did nothing to us. we are still as happy as we could ever be. yes we have only been dating for a month today, but knowing him for 6 years I kno I love him and I highly doubt there is anyone out there that is better for me. his sister is my age and is also my best friend. she helps me through a lot. whenever I miss him she is right there to help cheer me up. he is going to Japan soon and right when he gets there he will be deployed for 4 months on his ship. can any of you give me advice on boyfriends being deployed and only being able to see your boyfriend once a year for 3 years, I'd appreciate it. thank you all love Lo =]
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well dont let my name fool ya,miss judy is the name of my boat. well i am an old sailor.you are not going to like this answer i am sure. when i first went in navy i had been going with my high school sweetheart. but as soon as i was out of boot camp an at my first duty station i was out looking for sex a long with my buddys. is what we did most of are weekends besides drink. so that sort of ended that romance we both thought it was forever. but she did an i did just as soon as we were away from daily contact. got engaged to another hometown gal figured on marrying her. but just couldnt stay away from the ladys an most of it was with other guys wives who were on different ship. they were gone while we were in homeport. ideal situtation for horney wife an young single sailor. i can honestly say i never new a married guy in my division that didnt look for pu --y when away from homeport. good luck to you an your quest for happiness. hell i ihave been married for yrs an still look for a chance to cheat. love the wife but its just a male thing i guess. lov yaall the best

i agree with tito713, the more you think about him the harder its get, so make yourself busy with whatever you enjoy doing. Time fly really fast if you not thinking about him, i agree, sound really mean but that is the only way can help you go thru this hardship :D gluck Lo

Keep yourself busy with school, or work, or whatever it is you like to do; the more the better. you'll make time fly and you mind off of him, i know it sounds mean but the more you think about him the more your gonna miss him, and good luck ; )