i read today that there was an earthquake right outside chicago last night?? no one was hurt thank god, but when i saw the headline i almost had a heart attack.

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i live in california and im used to earthquakes, most dont really do much of anything just a small rattleing of the house nothing bad. we get a few a year but nothing huge so i wasnt worried. id rather him be there with a bad earthquake then here where we live becasue we live under an active volcano and big earthquakes could mean making it go off ( wich it hasnt ever that i know of but still!) i was more worried about the snow storm that was supose to hit.

As soon as I heard I had a mini heart attack myself

That's crazy, I didn't believe it when I first read that! I live in Minnesota and have NEVER felt an earthquake in the Midwest (I was supposedly in one once in Yellowstone National Park, but I didn't feel it). Well, I wouldn't worry about it is the point, cause we don't really have big ones at least in the Midwest.

i had no idea. im from new england and have never had to deal with thatt sort of thing.just kinda wierd

It actually originated south of chicago but not by much. Don't worry about it! I live about 3 or 4 hours south of the city and I heard the windows rattle like it would from a loud bass speaker... We had a small earthquake last year too with a couple little aftershocks. Not a lot of people realize how many earthquakes the midwest has until people can physically feel them.