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So i've been with my him for about 10 months (it wouldve been 11 this month) but a week before he left to bootcamp he broke up with me. Our relationship has been a very crazy one but i didnt expect him 2 break up with me especially now. Well so he said he's going to focus on himself and on his own issues while he's at bootcamp and hes still gonna write to me. He also said that when he comes back from bootcamp, we'll talk about our relationship. Of course, i'm very heartbroken. These past days have been extremely hard for me but u kno, im dealing with it. He had told me that hes going to be a logistic specialist. Does anyone know exactly how long A school for that career is? also he left this sunday Feb 7th, in how long will i receive a letter?? Im really happy i found this website because this isnt something i can talk 2 my friends about since they've never been put in a situation like this. Thanks for hearing me out.

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Thank you both for the advice! everything u guys said is so true i jus really hope he realizes wat he has back home n that things end up working out between us. its really hard but i wanna be strong for him and for me. i will definitely message u guys and again thank u!

Oh dear, I feel you girl.. Not to be self-centered but I have a story that is related to your post so bear with me, I have a point in doing this :) Me and my fiance broke up a couple of times through our 5 years relationship, once back when we were still in college, the other was when he went to work in China for 6 months. We dated all kinds of people during the times we were apart, but eventually I realize that I've been chasing his image in all the other guys I've dated, and so did he.<br />
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One thing I can say to help ease your pain is that yes, it's going to be a tough ride but if you guys are meant to be, it will happen in the end. I never thought I would marry my fiance after we broke up (I even swore I would never get back together with him, ever again) but alas, we needed that break up to help us realize what we want out of life and who we want all along. Maybe your bf needs some time apart to realize how much you mean to him so stay by his side but you also need to protect yourself by not having too much of an expectation. It's always better to have less expectation than to be deeply disappointed.<br />
You are strong to be able to go through this and yes, it WILL help you grow more mature and get a different perspective in life. It's not all flowers and glitters in life and relationship, even if it seems great right now, you never know what will happen next, not even when you are so sure nothing will change.<br />
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Be there for him, keep writing letters to him (because he will definitely need them to get him through boot camp). Keep your head up high, know that you are a strong woman and this experience will help you grow more mature. Remember, if you guys are meant to be, it will happen no matter what. <br />
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Best wishes and plenty of hugs

I cannot imagine what your going thru, but im here if want to talk! My boyfriend just finished A school! When he was at Boot Camp it took prolly like 2 weeks for me to received a letter ]= I know it's hard but trust me hes going to reaize what he has and you guys relationship is going to grow [=<br />
My friends never understood what i was going thru when he left to boot camp thats why i understand u and if you need anything send me a massage!