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I am 16 and my boyfriend of 6 months is 20. I met him through friends about 2 years ago when he was engaged and didn't think anything of him because he had a fiance and my bestfriend who i met him through had the biggest crush on him. Then last summer i was hangingout with a guy i was into and my friends and he showed up. He was flirting with me but i passed it off as him just being one of those guys that flirt with anyone. Then i had a party a week later for my birthday and my friend invited him for her but he flirted with us both. I didn't even think he liked me until 2weeks later he texted me like a 10 page text saying he really liked me and thought of my friend only as a friend too but he wasn't sure He wanted to have an accual gf because it was to difficult to see anyone while in the navy. But i knew he was a really good guy that i couldn't pass on so i assured him on how much i liked him and was willing to try. The year previously He was deployed for the first time and his unfaithul fiance who has cheated on him since they started dating broke up with him while he was away. Well we have been together happily since my birthday party.
mjessica mjessica
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2010