Two Weeks To The Day..


My boyfriend and I met in our sophomore year of high school because he was dating a good friend of mine. When she introduced us I thought nothing more than he was just another one of her many boyfriends. They broke up not long after and I didn't run into him until the end of our junior year. We had a class together and started talking. I found out he was a cheerleader just like me (he swears it was just for tumbling and meeting cute girls). After some convincing I managed to get him to cheer with me our senior year. We started hanging out almost every day after practice "checking my work schedule". Really we would go to McDonalds and sit and talk for hours. The team was convinced we were in love and we just didn't know it yet. We decided to give it a try just to make everyone else shut up about it. Neither one of us was very serious about the relationship, it was just something to pass the time. He joined the navy about two months later without even mentioning it to me until after he got home. I was slightly upset but I never though we'd last that long. And though I considered breaking up with him numerous times I couldn't bring myself to actually do it. He was a gaming nerd, the exact opposite of my type, but I could just see this amazing person in him. We made it though countless things I was just sure we would never get through, and now we've been together for just over a year I'm more in love with him than I thought was possible. He's my everything and he's helped me through so much. I knew him leaving would be hard, but somehow I knew I would be strong enough to make it. Until my Grandmother passed away on January 1st. We were very close and it was all so sudden it sent my world spinning. My boyfriend being the amazing person he is has been there for me every step of the way. But with him leaving in two weeks I'm not quite sure if I can do it anymore. I love him more than anything and I want to be with him more than ever. So here I am, looking online for support groups to help me make it through. 

*I'll always love my sailor. 

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I agree with all these girls, and I know exactly how you feel with having friends that try to help, but they don't quite understand. This is a place where we DO understand! My guy hasn't gone to boot yet, but I know it's going to be hard and I'm so glad I joined this group so early so I'll have everyone here to encourage me. We all make it through because we're committed to our man (or woman, for Josh [= - which, isn't it great he's here, ladies?!) and loyal one hundred percent. You will be fine. Just keep your eyes on the end goal. We're here for you. :)

You're guys comments have been amazing!! Thank you SOOOO much. You seriously have no idea how much better this all makes me feel. Things will definitely be hard but I know he's worth it. :) He's helped me through so much I need to make sue I'm there for him while he's gone. Which is why I'm so glad I found this amazing site! :) It's amazing having people tell me I can do it who are in the same situation I'm in. My friends try to help but they've never had someone go to basic. Thank you so much! I feel so so so much better about him leaving! Not that I won't miss him, but I think I'll be just fine. :)

im sorry about your grandmother, and its going to suck really bad with your man gone but you need to think, what would your granmother want....dont you think she wants you to be happy? and if your man makes you happy, no matter how hard it is being gone away form him, it will be worth it in the end. boot camp really is a tough time and loosing your grandmother wil add a lot of stress to your lonelyness, but how empty and alone do you think you'll be if the person you care about and who has stood by you all this time, was completly out of your life? life throws us so many obsticales. you just have to think and keep in mind : everything happens for a reason. you can get through this. your life isnt ending right now, your have a huge future ahead of you. your grandmother lived an amazing life im sure and its your turn now, so make her proud. go out and be happy. its ok to greive in her death, but rejoyce in her life and show her your strong. shes watching over you now, let her see the amazing person you can be and giving up on the man you love isnt the way to do that.

Hey there, and welcome :) Why are you not so sure you can do it? I know it's really super hard, but it sounds like you really love this guy and that you two have something special. I know you can make it through! My boyfriend and I were only together a few months before he left for boot, and we're still together today (he finished boot about a week and a half ago). I am really sorry to hear that your grandma passed, I know that sort of thing plus your boyfriend leaving must leave you feeling like you're lost in the middle of a storm or something. But it will be okay, the winds will die and eventually everything will calm back down and be okay. I am sorry your life is filled with such conflicts at the moment, it's really tough, but things will get better! If you ever need anyone to talk to I am here! :)

Aw what a cute story, my boyfriend and I were almost the exact same. We were best friends during sophmore year but were dating other people. Junior year we didn't really hang out cause of other guys, but Senior year we were more dedicated to eachother but not actually dating, until a few months before we graduated we made it official =). He joined the navy the summer after our graduation, and has been gone for almost a year now. Time really goes by fast, boot camp is the hardest, but after that you'd be amazed at how time flies.

Well welcome to our group. Im sorry to hear about ur grandma, im sure shes in a better place. It is really tought to loose a loved one, that includes even if they leave for the navy. The first month that my now fiancee left i could say was the worst i have ever had. I wanted to quit, but everytime i thought about quitting i saw her face and it gave me the strength to go just one more day. And before you know it, its graduation time and let me tell you, there is nothing more fufilling than seeing your sailor walk out and graduate. After that your get to spend the weekend with him, and thats the best part. I spent the whole graduation just waiting on it to be over so i can start my time with my Baby Doll. But basically what im saying is that if you love him you will find a way for it to work, this site helped me out allot, and i even met some lifelong friends here also!!! So once again Welcome to the group!