First Letter!!!!

I can't contain all my happiness, I keep shaking and bouncing and grinning like a fool, it's so wonderful after the heartache of the past days!!

 I kinda just want to scream and screech and run in circles!


To all the girls who have been in this longer than me, you were right, it IS worth all the hurt and absence.


To all the girls who haven't gotten to this point yet, don't fear, it feels WONDERFUL once you finally get the letter, then you can't even remember how it felt to hurt.


I'm sure when I come off this high the missing him will set in again, but I don't think it'll get as bad again, now that I am reassured that he is okay and still feels just as strongly as before, if not more so.


God is good and has answered my prayers with blessings!

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7 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Lol! My boyfriends commet to the swimming test <br />
"Well... I'm a class 3 swimmer in the US Navy...whatever that means. I think thats good, but I'm not positive!" lol<br />
He also wanted me to look up what o negative blood type was. I'm taking it they don't really tell them much in there.

YAY! how exciting! lol I remember my bf told me how easy the swim test was, cause he was in swim all four years of high school, and he was amazed that some people actually didn't know how to swim! Good stuff, and the letters will only keep coming from here =)

yay! congrats to you. :]

Aw congrats! That's so exciting! Yay! Enjoy all your letters yet to come :)

my bf is afraid of heights too and said the swimming was fun--i dont get it lol

congrats. it is the best feeling ever. how many times have you read it so far? lol

Ohhh that's wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Did he say anything funny or cute like on that website you posted in your last story from the Navy moms' letters?? :)