March 26th!!!!

So my boyfriends best friend went to his house today to look for the package that he sent home the first week. ( My boyfriends parents aren't home and someone needed to get the information about graduation and such).  He texted me and told me that his graduation is March 26th which is TWO weeks earlier than I was anticipating! I'm SO excited.  I have so many things going on leading up to that point that will make the time fly! I started crying I was so happy.

However; I'm stressing out now.  I'm on the list with my boyfriends two brothers and his one brothers fiance.  I don't know if they're going to be able to go and if they're not, I'm going to have to figure out how to get to Chicago (which is 16 hours away driving) by myself.  I'll be able to fly, but I'm not old enough to rent a car to get to the base.  How did you guys do your traveling?  Where did you stay?  Any and all information or ideas or advice that you can give me would be SO helpful.  I've never traveled by myself and I'm really nervous but so excited.  Thanks!

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I'm actually going to Great Lakes for the same graduation. lol. I'm flying from Washington State which will be like a 5-6 hour flight with his mom (thank God we get along so well!) and she is actually getting a rental car, but is freaking out about the weather and all that. She frets about anything and everything! What ship and division is your boyfriend on? I wonder if they are on the same ship! That would be crazy! My boyfriend is already plotting shopping trips and everything! He cracks me up! All i know is I write him 1-3 letters everyday so he is a happy camper even if were 3,000 miles give or take away. He pissed me off with his first letter because his mom doesn't ever check her mail, and my first letter he was thinking I already found a new guy, and all this crap. Needless the say my next letter had a biiig apology in it! lol! Well anything I can help out with let me know! <br />
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That's so exciting and so helpful all at the same time! My boyfriend is leaving and I had NO idea how to do ANYTHING about getting to graduation. I hope everything goes well!!

i flew with my boyfriend's family, and we stayed at the hilton which is located literally inside of the o'hare airport. The morning of graduation we just caught a shuttle that was located across the street... i think it was maybe $15 each (way cheaper than a taxi) and caught a ride to the base!

Thanks so much guys! I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions and I'll probably start freaking out more haha. <br />
I just wish his parents lived around here and I knew his family better. It's a different kind of situation so the normal "parents love the girlfriend and are more than willing to help her" factor that I always enjoyed taking advantage of...isn't available haha. Thanks again guys! (:

My boyfriends parents booked everything for me. Idk I think there's a shuttle to the base. They are a military town so if you tell your hotel you're there for a graduation I'm sure they will help you out

I flew, and I too, couldn't rent a car. His dad went, so I rode with him (I'll NEVER do that again).<br />
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But, you can catch the inner city train from OHare and then connect to the Union Pacific Metraline which takes you right to base. We stayed at the Quality Inn in Waukegan, which is 3 miles from base. I'd say, take the train to base, and then a cab to a nearby hotel (the closer, the better. The taxi people are sometimes pricey) <br />
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If I'd driven, it would have been like 14 hours. So, for me flying was the best option.<br />
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If you have any more questions, let me know :]