Valentine's Day Weekend..

At first i was really sad that i couldn't spend Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, but then i decided that i would surprise him with a package. I went shopping and bought him a bunch of things and baked him some brownies and sent them out.. feeling pretty sneaky too! My boyfriend called me today to tell me how much he loved my package and how surprised he was, but then he told me to go check the mail box. I sprinted down the street to my mail box and i had a package! I ripped it open and was just so was so unexpected! He sent me his dog tags, navy sweatshirt and sweats and a new webcam to skype with him and chocolates. I thought i was the only sneaky one this Valentine's day, but i am very happy to say that i am no longer sad over being away from my boyfriend this Valentine's day. I feel so loved. I hope everyone's Valentine's day weekend is just as great.

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14 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I didnt know you can keep your bf dog tags?

thanks guys :] it felt pretty amazing. i hope you all have an amazing valentine's day!! Hopefully when your boyfriend is out of boot you too can experience this :]

aw thats so cute. i always wished some cute suprise would happen to me; dont get me wrong my boyfriends amazing but thats super adorable

i'm so jealous. my boyfriend is still in boot camp. it kind of ruined the whole valentines day experience this year.

Awwww!! That is like the cutest story ever. I'm such a That's awesome! =)

yeh i have allot more time tho think and plan with her now that she has her phone.

awesome! good planning.

well she is in holding for 3 weeks and were going to get married in her fifth week of a school, so that they can aprove her paperwork and i can go with her to her duity station

aw, that's so cute. haha. Is her A school also over in 7-8 weeks.. or are you getting married then waiting for her to be done?

Yeh i cant wait, ive been waiting for 3 years for this day and its almost here i just have to wait 7 or 8 more weeks. Ther is a person with the last name of Harmon in her ship and when the muster she wants to sound off when thay call Harmon lol

congrats!!!!!! how exciting :]

She couldnt get me n e thing but i get my present when i go up to see her, I get to take her as my wife!

aww, that's so cute! we both kept it a secret from eachother, then ironically our packages were delivered the same day!

Yeh i sent my fiancee a package, I sent her a nice card, a small teddy bear, i alwase get her a teddy bear, and a Verry nice opal and diamond neacklase. She loved it and she had no idea til i gave in and told her after it was delivered, i have a hard time keeping secrets :P