I Miss Him.

My boyfriend left for boot camp around January 6th. I though it would get easier as time passed but now as it gets closer to his graduation I just want to see him more and more. Writing letters has definitely helped me through the time that has passed. It is just hard knowing that right after I finally get to see him he leaves again. I only have one friend that is really supportive and she's not even my best friend. My best friend won't even talk to me about it, she's weird like that. I have found that talking about it and talking to other people that are going through the same thing really helps. I just can't wait until the 26th so I can finally see him again. I love him so much but it hurts to not know exactly how the future is going to turn out.

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stay strong, boot camp will be over before you know it! finding friends that truly understand what youre going through is difficult.. but that's why we're here! I also found comfort in being able to talk about what i was going through. I often wrote letters to my boyfriend if i was angry or upset, just to vent my feelings somewhere (i of course never sent them in fear of putting a larger amount of stress on him than he was already experiencing). So, good luck and just remember that it will get better in time.

I believe he's in 105

My boyfriends is graduating the 26th too!! i ant wait to see him and im so eager, it feels like time is flying by since its so close! what division is your boyfriend in??

Hey, yeah I get it. My friends don't really get it either. It's hard but you know you'll make it through. And yeah, as time goes on you do just want to see them more and more. But at least you'll get to see him! My boyfriend has been done with boot for 2 weeks and I still haven't seen him yet :( Just be grateful any time you get to spend with him! And at least you'll get to talk more after boot! (And yeah, the future thing is scary... I get that too... I am so scared lol).

bootcamp will be over before you know it. my family doesn't understand what i'm going through and my best friend doesn't really like my boyfriend so i can sympathize with that.