Pretty Soon I'm Going To Be A Navy Girlfriend

Pretty soon,ill be a Navy Girlfriend. He took the test yesterday. This is something that he REALLY wants to do. I support him on his decision.

We rarely see each other as it is. I live in one state and he lives in another. We talk on the phone everyday. If he does go to through with this,everything will be completely different. I won't be talking to him everyday and every night like I always do. The whole idea of him going off to the Navy,scares me. A lot. He asked me if I'd wait for him if and when he went. And I was honest,and I told him I would. I can and I will wait for him. I love him a lot. And I just don't know what to do at all. None of my friends or family know what this is like. And I just need somebody that's been through this to talk to. I already know that when he leaves I'm going to be a mess. Just even thinking of him leaving and going to the Navy makes me a nervous wreck.

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I was definitely a wreck when my boyfriend left and staying busy really is your best bet. It does get much easier after getting the first letter. I look forward to getting a letter every week. I usually get one every Tuesday so i rush home to check the mail. Seeing the letter in the mail is one of the best feelings!

My boyfriend starts week three tomorrow. So far it's been tough, especially not talking to him. But surprisingly, knowing that its a challenge and that it's difficult and its always going to be that way, kind of excites me. It shows you how strong your love really is. I went into this as a new girlfriend and a new "navy" girlfriend. I miss him a lot, but knowing that he's doing what he's always wanted to and knowing that I will see him again makes it worth it. And i know the first letter, the first phone call, and graduation is going to be worth it all. So when times get tough, come to this site. It's very very helpful and always look forward. Everything will be okay (:

my boyfriend is in his 5th week of boot camp and after the initial shock of him leaving it does get a little easier. the hardest part is after he leaves and waiting for that first letter, i was a mess up until the, not that i wasnt after that point, but once you get that first letter and you know hes doing fine it gets a lot easier. just look forward to when you get to see him again and stay busy as possible, it will never be easy, but it does get easier.

Aw yeah. Well, welcome. My boyfriend finished boot a few weeks ago. It's really hard, but you get used to it. And after boot when he's in A school he'll be able to call you pretty much whenever he wants to/ has time. During boot the best thing you can do is write letters. It's really good for both of you. And getting letters will be amazing. But yeah writing to my boyfriend was the only thing that got me through, because then it kinda feels like you're talking to them. (Well, and getting letters, cause that's the best!) <br />
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I know what you mean about no one understanding. That's just kinda how it is for us navy girlfriends I think. If you haven't been there (as in you haven't dated a military man) you just don't understand. So we're all here for you if you need anything!