Turning Into A Good V-day Weekend

   Today as I got home from lunch with my mom, I checked the mail to find two letters addressed to me. The first one I recognized instantly because it was from my boyfriend, the next one was the personalized dog tags he ordered for me. He didn't even mean for them to come on the same day and they did. I was so happy. As I started reading his letter I just started crying because he knows me so well. To him holidays such as valentines day aren't a big deal, but he knows that it's going be harder for me, and he just wanted to write something romantic for me to let me know he loves me. All I could do was smile and cry, then I pulled out the dog tags. He even bought an extra pair for me to put in my car, they have my name and our anniversary date on them. It completely made my night as well as my weekend. I work at a resturaunt so I'm expecting to see nothing but couples all day, but I'm going to be just as happy as them as I hold on tight to my dog tags around my neck. I'm so thankful for such a thoughtful and amazing boyfriend, I can't wait to see him again.

DuncansGirl DuncansGirl
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Aw that's adorable! And I also wish I had my boyfriends tags.

That's reeeeeally cute. I wish I had my boyfriends tags. I sent him one from me and he loves it

awww, that's so sweet! What a thoughtful boyfriend :] i'm glad you're having a good valentine's day weekend!! My boyfriend sent me his dogtags in the mail this weekend and i havent taken them off yet (and dont plan to!)