Best Night In Months

Today my boyfriend called me!!!!! I was so surprised, even though he said it'd be soon. It felt unreal. I saw the area code, and couldn't believe it was really him. I answered and he was like "Hey" and I said "Who is this?" and he said "Who do you think?" and I just didn't want to say his name in case it wasn't him. But it was! And it was the best hour and seventeen minutes of the past few months of my life. We talked about all sorts of crap. But to hear him say he loved me... it made all the waiting worth it. Life is now even more amazing that I remembered it being. :) I just, ah, I don't know. He's so great. And I love him so much. Talking was amazing. I can see the light now. Everything will be okay.

Minnesotagirl21 Minnesotagirl21
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

That's good! I'm glad you feel better

I'm so happy for you too! (:<br />
This makes me feel like everything will be okay once A-School comes around.<br />
It really does get easier.<br />
I hope you enjoyed your talk and have many more to come!<br />
& Happy Valentines Day!

yay!! I am so happy for you. You have been so strong through your journey, and i am so glad to hear that you finally got to talk to your man. I hope everything continues to be great for you!!