Tear And Sleep Filled Day

so, pretty much today has been awful...i was expecting my man to call me because it is valentine's day...and i made sure i had my phone on me ALL day so that i would not miss the call...and guess what...i never got my call! this deployment started off really good, and we constantly stayed in contact, but lately he has not been e-mailing or facebooking me...i know he is busy, but i feel like he is not even making an attempt to keep us together. i hate feeling this way, and this is the hardest thing i have ever had to do...i just wish he was here with me...i feel like we are drifting apart, and i do not want that to be the case at all! i just don't know what to do because i have not even heard from him in a while month!!! i know that he is out there protecting our freedom, but i just wish he would write me like a sentence or two every so often...i miss his voice, his touch, his expressions, well, just everything about him! and the worst part is, i am losing those mental pictures that i had in my head...and that is killing me! i miss him so much, and i just don't know how to feel, what to think, or what to say to him...i do not like deployment!!!!!!

misshimlikecrazy926 misshimlikecrazy926
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

yeah, it totally sucks not hearing from him! ummm...i have seen the protests about that, but who knows if it will ever happen, because everybody would stop using it if they started to charge us...

I am sorry he isn't staying in touch. It sucks not to hear from them. I got several emails the other night asking me to join a protest with Facebook. It seems they are going to start charging $3.99 a month to have an account with them. Have you heard that? I don't have Facebook but that seems expensive to me.