Being A New Navy Girlfriend

I'm so glad I found this group. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. My boyfriend just left four days ago for bootcamp. I'm terrified and lonely. Everyone keeps saying how he'll be different when he gets back in 8 months (he's going from basic to BUDS, most likely without leave). I'm worried. Any positive words someone will give me that he will still be "my Nick" when he gets back?

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2010

he will still be the same, no doubt about it. i remember having the same fears when my boyfriend was graduating from bootcamp, and he was just as i remembered him. i think him joining the navy caused both of us to grow up, and mature a lot. i believe that it has strengthened our relationship and taught us to never take things for granted. so, rest assured that when you see him next he will be just as you remembered.. just maybe a little more grown up and responsible.

just as atibetanman said, the most important element in a relationship is trust. Trust that he will be the same person on the inside. Sure he will change after boot camp because he is being molded and his privacy being taken away, but he will walk out of it as more mature person.<br />
Plus, he will have some time off after boot, at least that one day or a few hours in some cases. My fiance was a grad and go so he flew the day after graduation but we still got to spend a little time with him so hang in there and write plenty of letters to him, he'll need it to go through boot camp.

i feel the same way. my bf is coming back from boot soon and i feel like things are going to be different or something. i know i'm just over thinking the situation but i just makes me nervous.

better don't listen from outside,most importain for relitionship is trust each other,n whatever people say just trust to him he willbe only your's.don't worry....

he'll be the same guy. Just more proud of his appearance and more mature.