Sworn In?

Here in Alabama when the guys leave for the navy i know they go to the recruiting station then they go down to Montgomery to MEPS again and wait to leave.

I was wondering if any of you girls have gone to see your guys get sworn in? And what all happens when you go?

justinsgirl16 justinsgirl16
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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Yeah i think me and my friend might go see him get sworn in because i think he really wants me too. But im sure she will hangout with me after bc i will be a wreck!

im glad i went. I brought one of my friends from home with me so that i wouldnt be alone after he left and that was def a good decision. i would recommend that you do the same cuz after he left i was so upset i didnt even want to drive home. its a good experience too though, i was so proud to see him swear in.

thank you. He leaves in March so with it getting close all of us were talking about him getting sworn in so i was wondering what all happens. But he said his parents aren't going to see him get sworn in so i guess it will just be me.

i went to see my bf get sworn in. the recruits go in way earlier they usually stay in a hotel the night before and the families all show up around 9 or so. they have a little ceremony and in ours there were people from all different branches getting sworn in, not just navy. when thats done, they gave us about an hour to say our goodbyes and then all the recruits went to another area so they could all go to the airport together.