New Grad Date

I got word from tyler on friday (his original grad date) he passed all his physical therepy and his ankle is good to go!!! he got placed in a new division and is graduating on february 26!!! i cant wait! 12 more days! im so glad to have a countdown again!!!!!! thank you all for your undying suport! and if anyone out there has this grad date let me know maybe we could meet up and maybe our men have become friends!!!

phattsilyangel phattsilyangel
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6 Responses Feb 15, 2010

ahhh yay! we all have to meet all us girlfriends! if not just for a couple minutes just to do it and meet some of the people from a site i know has helped us all a LOT!!!!! ill message you guys just incase you dont see this reply!!!! yay im exited!!!!

Yay :)

Aw yay! It's so great that he has a grad date again!

im going, it's only an hour north of my house so it's not a big deal. i'm just wearing dress pants and i think heals just cause my pants are too long. and i'm just going to wear a nice shirt.

same here :) you all going?? what are you guys wearing? im not sure whats considered appropriate

my bf graduates then too!!