Work Will Be The Death Of Me...

My boy is still set to leave in April.  We spend weekends together at his place and on nights that I work and don't want to go back to school which is 30 min away... so I see him a lot right now.  I'm just not looking forward to the time when he's gone.  I know works going to kill me and possibly make me an emotional wreck, its already starting to.  I work at Build-a-Bear Workshop for some extra cash and trust me, I absolutley love it!  But there are times and people that make me want to cry.  Especially all of the military couples that come in together, and the girls that come back alone to try and salvage their recordings of their boy's voices to put inside the bear.  My coworkers know that I'm familiar with the whole military thing, so they always give these people to me to take care of.  The other night a couple came in, early twenties, starry eyed with rings on their fingers.  At build a bear we're supposed to establish a relationship with customers and find out what they're there for and make it happen.  he was leaving for bootcamp, she was staying behind and she needed some part of him to hold.  So we recorded his voice on two seperate boxes, told her to keep one in a safe place in case the other one got damaged, picked out a bear and its navy uniform and I got it all stuffed up.  It came time to put the hearts inside, and I told them each to grab one.  I had them kiss each other's hearts close their eyes and make a wish.  And this poor girl just started sobbing... and I couldn't do it, I started crying too and had to explain that in two months I'd be doing the same thing.  She told me she'd come visit and we could cry together again :) .  I got them through the rest of the store and checked out and she carried that bear still sobbing out of the store in her man's arms and I thought... my God... I hope I'm that strong. 


I also hope that when he leaves I'm not going to burst into tears everytime someone asks me to get a Military uniform off the top hanger for them.  I'm just stressing out a little.  I doubt I'll burst into tears everytime.  Right now I just feel this deep sense of pride when I try to explain the difference between formal uniforms and ACUs, or see those girls smile knowing that they have some little piece of their man to hold.

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aww, my boyfriend got a navy build a bear for me for christmas when he came home from bootcamp. i love it.. it is probably the one thing that helps me sleep at night. you're not the only one who gets emotional over everyday things, i get emotional over things that i typically wouldnt expect myself to get so worked up over. Stay strong, seeing your boyfriend graduate in his uniform will make it all worth it, i promise!

Wow, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that, but it sounds like a really great job. I'm inspired to get one, I must admit. I have a knock-off already, but having his voice inside the bear would be amazing. Believe me, it's hard for all of us and you'll deal when he leaves. I've heard that getting your first letter from them is the best feeling in the world. :)

Now I'm going to a build a bear and getting a navy one. I had no idea they made one. I want one now and am excited. My bfs coming home from school in 2/3 months. I cry all the time and was a wreck the day I went back to work. (The day after he left for bc). But you are helping someone with their feelings; that's lucky cause I don't know anyone besides you guys

omg, reading this made me cry, lol. now i really want a bear with my boyfriends voice! maybe we can do that when he get to come home for the first time in September.