Hey. i'm just looking for someone to talk to who knows what i'm going through. My fiancee joined the navy not that long ago and i knew it would be really hard for me to accept how drastically my life would change, but i really underestimated how hard it would really be. I've never felt so alone and cant stop crying. I miss him so much. I have no motivation to do even the simplest things. I would just like to know if it gets any easier to cope with? And is there anything you can suggest i do to come to terms with it? Any help would be much appreciated. x

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i know how youre feeling, it is really hard to adjust to them being gone, im still trying to adjust and he has only 4 weeks to go, i already got 14 letters from him and a phone call, those days were the happiest days of my life, but if you love him, and try and stay strong for him, things will get easier, at first you go nuts because your not getting any mail, but once you do, youre going to feel like the happieswt girl in the world. trust me. just try to keep yourself busy :)

hey, i know exacttly what you feel like. my boyfriend graduated from boot camp in december, and has now moved onto A school. Boot camp was one of the toughest things that we have ever been through as a couple, however it DOES get easier and better after boot camp. Stay strong and write him lots and lots of letters. This experience will end up making you both stronger and it will strengthen your relationship! feel free to vent here as often as you need to, as minnesotagirl says this website will help you lots. Best of luck!

Yeah I know it's really hard, it was harder than I thought it would be too. It will get easier to cope with once he's done with boot and you can talk more, but the pain still comes in waves. (I'm not sure if you're through with boot or not yet). Vent here for sure, it helps me soooo much. And just try and remember why you're doing this (because you love your sailor haha). Best of luck to you! Feel free to chat with me if you want!

I feel bad when I cry to my boyfriend too and its difficult because he's the only person that is always there for me and is doesn't judge me. That is one of the toughest things about him being away. But you are going to be stronger yourself. Vent about anything on here even if its just about hysterically crying cause you miss him. For some people this is their only true support 24/7 without judgement or getting tired of it; I know its mine. Feel better!

Its unbelievably hard! I know this is the right thing for him to do, i'm really proud of him. I do try to stay strong, i never let him see me cry coz i dont want to make him feel bad about it. It makes me feel better that im not the only one going through this. Thanks for your comment, just talking to someone who understands makes me feel alot better. x