10 More Days!

10 more days until I get to see my boyfriend! He graduates on the 26th and I can not wait. It is crazy how soon I get to see him! As it gets closer to the date I find it harder to fall asleep at night because all I can think about is him. I love him so much and I hope our relationship will last. I just can not believe that it's finally almost over (boot camp that is). I still have to figure out what the plan is for that weekend. His mom is making it kind of complicated.

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7 Responses Feb 16, 2010

they are in boot for about 2 months. he left January 5th and graduates Feb. 26th.

How long do they go into boot? Were still waiting for him to sign papers and get his date to leave. I'm so curious about a lot of this, and this seems to be my most frequently asked.

*Jealousy* Mine probably won't graduate till mid April. :( Have fun girls and enjoy your time with them.

I'm so excited for you guys! My boyfriend graduates March 26th and I'm excited NOW i cannot wait until it gets closer!<br />
I hope you guys have a great time! :D

10 more little days!!!! then we dont have to go weeks without hearing their voices!!!!

: ))