The Papers Aren't Even Signed....

I'm young, still in high school. J is the love of my life.. cliche I know, but he makes my world spin. Just the other day, he sent me a picture of the NAVY recruit office. I automatically burst into tears knowing how hard this was going to be. He wasn't able to sign papers just then, which I guess could be a good thing. He plans to talk with his uncle who is currently stationed as a Seal, so that gives it some time also. I support him 100% in anything he wants to do with his life, no matter how bad it hurts me. I'm just wanting to know how to deal with the thoughts of him leaving, and when he's gone. Have some of my questions answered, how long will he be gone? Will I be able to speak to him, write, anything? Once he does sign the papers, how long until he leaves? When will I be able to see him again? Everything I'm sure each and every one of you have asked yourself. I wasn't born into a military family, so I have the least amount of experience with this sort of thing, that anyone could really ask for. I found this website...and joined in hopes of getting some answers, and maybe learning how to deal with his leaving. Whats your story? How did you make it through those first few months? How did you make it period...

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one thing i have to add to all this, the people above are giving times that things happend for their guys. one thing you need to know is absolutly anything can change in a moments notice. my boyfriend was in DEP (delayed entry) and they can be in that for a few weeks to over a year he himself doesnt get to choose, it all depends on the openings the navy has for the job he signs up for. my bfs clothes came back within a week and it can take 2 - 4 weeks before the first letter, it all depends on your mans division, if one person gets punished, they all do.<br />
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my bf graduates in a week and its beena big struggle even though ive known for the past 2 yaers that he was going to join. some good tips are taking lots of pictures, before and after he leaves for boot, he will love that. and some ways of dealing are just wearing his shirts and cologne and knowing that he wouldnt be with you if he didnt love you. boot camp usually makes or breaks the relationship. during my experiance i have gotten so much closer with my bf. we litterally spent every day either together or on the phone, for 2 years straight! so this was really hard but i love him and im so proud of him. also be good friends with his parents, it will make things go by way easier! and write him letters every day!<br />
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he will be gone about 9 weeks or so. he is allowed 3 phone calls. one is about a 10 second call to his parents when he gets there to let them know he arrived safly. the second is rewarded usually after the first or second test (there are 3 big tests and if he doesnt pass he can be held back) and the third is the "im a sailor" call sometime during the last 2 weeks of boot after he finishes whats called battle stations. my bf goes into battle stations on tuesday so im lookin forward to that call! <br />
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after boot many different things can happen. some guys are grad-n-go, where they only have a couple days of liberty (time off but having to report back to base every night) some leave immediatly to their school (a-school, where they learn more about their job it can be as short as 6 weeks or as long as a year! and some have more then one school!) my bf has a school for 14 weeks before he gets stationd. but some guys arnt grad-n-go, some get to have a leave for like 2 weeks before they go to school. <br />
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remember that everything can change in a hearbeat and theres nothing you can do about it and it sux. you have to be really strong for him. but over all its an amazing experiance!

Glad I could help :) and like everyone else message me if u need to vent or just support

My boyfriend signed in April of 2009 and is leaving in March of 2010. They have this thing called DEP where they can be delayed a year after they sign. Help him study! And yes take lots of pictures and spend as much time together as you can. MY boyfriend leaves in 31 days so im not so sure what happens when they leave but after March 22 i can for sure let you know.<br />
message me anytime. :]

This helped so much. Thank you, and I write letters to him now, because he enjoys reading them. He promised once he left he would write me as much as possible. Although I'm still a nervous wreck, (and he hasn't even signed yet!) I think once everything gets settled, I'll get used to it. The only thing is, like you, I see him almost daily. We spend a lot of quality time together, and getting used to not seeing him will be the hardest part. Thank you again, this really helped answer some of my questions!

i think he decides when he wants to leave. im not sure. my boyfriend left 7 months after he signed. but he told me he was going later than he could have. bootcamp is about 9 weeks. you will get a letter from him around 2/3 weeks into bootcamp. his parents will get his address and his clothes he left in 2 weeks after he leaves. he'll have a graduation ceremony and might leave to school the day after or have a few days before he goes to school. he'll find out and ask him when he knows. if you can go to his graduation or at least go on the trip if he has days off (they only permit 4 people to one graduate unless there are less people graduating; i didnt go to my boyfriends ceremony but he took leave for four days so i went to see him) its so worth it and a great feeling to see the progress theyve made. When my boyfriend was in bootcamp i honestly slept a lot. we saw eachother like evryday and now since i wasnt with him all the time i caught up on a lot of sleep. just be around positive people that support you and write him a lot. even before he leaves so you can practice. He will have to earn his phone calls so if you see a number you don't recognize answer anyway; its most likely him. phone calls are amazing as are letters. write him everyday it'll help him with his busy new life.