Annoyed And Frustrated

even though it probably has to do with the frustrations of being apart, when my boyfriend annoys me (little things like not answering questions or something) should i just let it slide? i always have the worst pop in my head and am afraid to tell my boyfriend to stop being annoying cause im afraid he'll be mad and won't answer me.  i know he's super stressed and busy; sometimes they don't sleep for days i guess i've gotten more full of anxiety and am even more short circuited temper wise now but i'm having a tough time letting stupid things go. this may seem like no sense but you guys are the only true support i have about this situation.

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5 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I completly understand how you feel. Brian does the same thing. He just left great lakes to go to camp pendlton and is on hold there till july. He has turned into the complet oppisite of who he use to be. he use to share everything with me and now he is to intwined in his friends he has actually started to treat me terrible. I think you need to tell him how you feel that is what makes a relationship work. I hope things start to get better for you.

im probably going to ask him what he hasn't answered when he comes home, it'll be easier. its so frustrating but i cant be a b**** cause he's changed and its not his fault

I understand how you feel, I sometimes get irritated at my fiance for not calling me back or when I think he is a little cold. It's normal to feel this way because of the distance. I don't know how you normally deal with all of this but how I deal with it is to just let it slide most of the time if it's just small petty things. I do talk to him about it tho when I think it is getting a little bit too much. Not barking at him is the best way to handle it. Just gently nudge him; ask that question and again and add a note at the end of the question that he hasn't answered your question yet.

Its mostly him not answering my quetions or saying much of anything even tho I know he cares. He totaly does he's just weird but it does **** me off but I feel bad for being a little ticked and its like this is hard enuff and worse on him so y bark at him about petty things

no I feel the same way. I have been constantly fighting and nit picking recently. I didn't I was, but he said I am just being unreasonable. Im sorry since when does saying Happy Valentine's Day seem unreasonable? Anyways they are super busy and stressed and tired. If it is something that bothers you, by all means bring it up. Communication is so important in long distance relationships. However I would let it go for a little bit, see how you feel, then if it is something that is still bothering you and you think you shouldn't let go talk to him. If it seems less important after a couple hours, forget it. Trust your gut : )