San Diego Here We Come!

AH! It's official! Matt picked his orders today and was lucky to get San Diego! I was so happy when he told me I started crying, I feel so relieved. I don't even care about everything else right now, I'm just happy he's so close to home. On top of that he will be working on a Frigate ship, which means he wont have to be out at seas for as long =D. He'll be trained to do all GM jobs instead of just one in particular also. Omg I'm so happy. I'm already looking up apartments to move to! He has about two weeks left of school and then he'll be coming home for 15 days! If everything works out well, we'll probably be getting married too! Omg it's so much at once I don't know what to do with myself! I'm so happy!!

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Oh wow, well I'm glad you mentioned all that, it really does help. We're actually planning on getting married next month before he goes to C school, and around July I'll hopefully be moving over there with him. We've been looking for apartments off base also, for some of the reasons you mentioned above. But I'm glad I know all of that now, thanks! =)

Im not going to be moving down there till next may probably, i still have a year of school and we are planning on getting married by that time hopefully also. So we have to save up for a bunch of stuff in the next year, so we have to wait on being able to move in together. I get to see him every few weekends, I currently live about 7 hours away, but once that distance is gone I am going to be so excited! and Jess is just going to be happy to be in an apt. Is Matt going to live with you? i really recommend that. The base down there isn't exactly gf/ fiance friendly, there are the few good sailors with girlfriends, but living in close proximity with a lot of the bad bfs or single guys is rough on Jess, they are always bringing girls there underage (or close to) and drunk...(jesse has 4 sisters so he has a hard time not going after the guys) So its much less stress on you and your guy if you live together, and they also wont take a bunch of pay out each month because he will be paying for his own housing. <br />
<br />
sorry for rambling a bit, just kinda telling you what i know thus far, jesse has been in SD now for about 3 months, so we are kinda learning what the Navy is like together. It's hard when separated, but i think moving down there will be great for both of you :)

Yea I've been looking ever since I found out lol. But one of his Petty Officers said to get an apartment a couple miles away from the base, cause apparently some people like to take advantage of the sailors down there. I'm so excited though, there are some beautiful apartments over there! Skye17 when do you plan on moving over there?

My BF is stationed in San Diego :) Just watch out for the Apts. down there, it is worth spending the extra money for a nicer place, especially when our guys are deployed, they will feel much better if you are in a nicer area, I have been looking at places down there too :) Im so excited for you! I hope you find somewhere great and close by :D You two will love it there and get to see eachother so much more often :)

celebrate like its going out of style for one thing lol

Thanks girls, you all are so great. I'm so happy, I just dont know what to do from here haha!

yay congrats!! thats so exiting!!!!!!

congrats; thats awesome and i can imagine how happy you are. enjoy it and good luck with everything :)

YAY!! congrats!!! i am so happy for you :]

Congratulations!! thats wonderful :) im glad everything is working out the way you hoped!

I am SO happy for you! Congratulations! :D