A Story About What Happened That Night :)

Hey I haven't posted for quite a while, life's been busy with juggling between being in my second to final quarter in college (yay, bachelor's degree finally), social life, and work..

So the news is... after being together for 5 years we decided that it's time to open up a new fresh page :) He bent down on one knee and proposed to me last December when he was on leave, and I honestly did not see it coming. I know we had been looking around for the perfect ring last year, and I found one that we both wanted but never knew that he bought it on that day. After that he deceived me by still taking me to other jewelry stores and looking at rings. One night, we went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant near the waterfront and then continued on to a cute little wine bar for some wine, bread, and cheese. He reserved the whole place for about an hour so it was just the two of us and the sommelier. I remember thinking that it was slightly weird that he would reserve the whole place and thought OMG is he going to propose? But we didn't have a ring yet! So I eye balled his pants the whole night trying to see if there is any bulge indicating a ring box but I could see none so I gave up after a few hours. After more than a few glasses of wine (and after people started coming in), he told me that he wanted to take a walk to the waterfront before trying to drive us back home. Remember, it was a bitter cold December night, I was in my little black dress with heels while he's in his nice warm dress pants and pea coat... Of course I said no.

Well, he won me over by his persistence. I finally said fine but just for a little bit because the wind was blowing and I was literally turning into an ice cube! All the tipsiness from the wine went away along with the wind. We actually didn't make it to the waterfront because I was just miserably freezing cold. We stopped by the little stores along the road to the water front where he bent on one knee........... and tied his shoe strings :D haha! Well, it was actually a part of his plan to pretend to tie his shoe strings. He then asked me if I could check his hair if there's anything on it, so I gave it a quick glance while hiding behind a pillar to reduce the chill from the wind, and I said it looks fine without moving an inch. He then asked me again and I kept myself behind the pillar without knowing what his intention was (poor guy, he tried so hard and I ruined it haha)

So finally he gave up trying to get me to walk over there, laughed, stepped behind the pillar with me, and bent on one knee. He took out this ring box from the inside lining of his pea coat (oh so he was hiding it THERE), opened up the box, and there it was... The ring that we fell in love with months ago. It was one of the most beautiful moments we have together and I cried because I did not see it coming at all. We had shared so much pain, suffering, happiness and joy together for the past 5 years, and the moment was finally here. I couldn't answer him right away because I started sobbing uncontrollably and he bear hugged me until I could answer his proposal. "Wina, will you marry me?" "Yes." SOB SOB SOB SOB!

So here I am, waiting for him to come back home tomorrow! He is stationed back in WA where we both came from for 2 years without being deployed (yay, thank God!) The only catch is that he has to stay at the base and not come home for 2 weeks straight each month, gets 3 days liberty, and have a normal schedule for 2 weeks, and started all over again. But that's better than him being sent somewhere else. We are going to sign the marriage certificate next week so we can get all the paperwork going and start earning our BAH while our ceremony and reception will be in August. We're finally starting our little family together along with our 16-lbs fat lazy lovable cat (although he can be a jerk at times, gah!) I'm a 24 year old bride and I love my fiance :) Go Navy! 

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Omg that's like so perfect. Congrats! That's just like...ah perfect :)

omg no lies ur story made me teary eyed.. it might be cause its late <br />
and im missing my sailor haha but i just want u to know that u have giving me hope :) <br />
ive only been with my bf for two years but its been tough and knowin that someone else made it <br />
strenghts my goals and thats when i reasure myself that one day ill have that perfect day as well :)<br />
u deserve it , congrats

Aw thanks girls... btw I actually looked in the bottom of his socks drawer where he usually hide things, reached around and did not find anything. After that proposal night, I told him I did that and he was so shocked that I didn't find the ring. He actually hid it there and apparently I missed the box by mere inches since I was reaching inside blindly.<br />
I'm not sure whether it was his luck or I'm just dumb enough not to be able to find it right there. Nevertheless, it became a good story to tell haha :)

that is so cute! congratulations!!!

Congratulations! =D

omg thats sooooo sweet!!!! my boyfriend is set to graduate on the 26th and he cant keep a secret to save his life, hes been dropping hints and of course we have talked about marriage having been together for 2 years not and i just know him too well. when he says hes going to buy me something he thinks is important and then writes saying that when he finishes a-school that something BIG is gonna happen to change our lives forever, does he really expect me to be all "whatever" about it?? my mind has been going crazy!!!! its like when he tried to sneak and buy a pair of boots for me for christmas that i wanted and i wasnt fooled at all so im gonna be a nervous wreck next weekend waiting for that "something" to happen!!!!!<br />
<br />
anyway enough of my blabbering!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

aww thats so cute. have fun planning everything!

YAY!!! congrats :) thats so cute. best of luck to you