I Got My Letter!!!

I've been checking my mailbox at school every night! The R.A's don't put the mail in the boxes until 530 here and we don't get it on Saturday's.  So I was hoping SO much that maybe, just maybe I would get it today and I did!  I was so shocked when I pulled out a letter and it was addressed to me! My roommate gets mail all the time, so at first I thought nothing of it. I started crying as soon as I saw it was addressed from my boyfriend so I quickly ran upstairs to my room and opened it. I was shaking! Inside he just told me that he loved me and that he was doing okay.  He seemed to be enjoying himself.  I'm SO happy right now.  You girls were right, the first letter is amazing. :D

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6 Responses Feb 19, 2010

He graduates March 26th too! He knows how much I'm going through to get to him haha it's ridiculous!

When does your boyfriend graduate? Mine graduates March 26th, so I'm getting my happy butt on an airplane to go see him graduate even tho I have to pull like a million favors to go!

yep that first letter makes ur days till the next one comes. :)<br />
just remember the same feeling when he receives ur <br />
letters so write as much as u can <br />
good luck

just wait till u get the first call!!!!!!!

Ah I remember that rush you get, I couldn't stop smiling for a few days afterwards. Enjoy your letters and it's fun to look forward to the next ones every week :)

The first is the best always :)